Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sondre, Sondre, Sondre

While reading the L Magazine I found out that Sondre Lerche was having a show at the Bowery Ballroom. I really wanted to go, but since I read about it three days before the event, the tickets were sold out and I was not going to pay more than $20 to see him. I didn't go, but I still saw him the day before. After my Wedensday class, I was heading Uptown to go bowling at Port Authority. When I reached 42nd street (Times Square) I walked underground to get to Port A. Who do I see walking like any other New Yorker? Sondre Lerche and his girl Mona. I was about to stop him to say hello, but then I decided to let him be... and then I thought that New York was a wonderful place where simple humans like me co-exist with successful and creative humans like that young man. Nevertheless, yesterday night, instead of checking his show, I heard his new CD. Josh picked it up at The Big Takeover to review and as soon as he's done, I will get to own it.

This is an aditional review I found in Jane (I love the magazine)

Walking around New York City with Sondre Lerche and the Faces Down Quartet's album Duper Sessions cycling endlessly through my headphones, I couldn't help but imagine myself a character in a slightly wonky Woody Allen film. Theirrendition of the notoriously impossible-to-sing Cole Porter standard "Night and Day" sounds both jazzy and bare. And the original "Minor Detail", a sultry,smoky guitar-and-piano lovefest, has a lazy drumbeat that my heart sings along to. It's enough to make me want to name my firtsborn son Sondre. - Brekke


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