Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday

Lauren at dv 149 Ludlow st.
Great service. Lot's of dolce vita shoes... too bad there were no sizes for me and I ended up buying a pair of navy blue Keds.

Kim at Shop 105 Stanton St.I was their last costumer of the day. Kim wasn't thrilled when she saw me come in, nor did she conceal her wish to close the store. Still, she helped me out and when I asked her to pose, she was so flattered that she even called me sweetie.

Hairy Mary's 149 Orchard st. Carl Mateo... singing along Marylin Monroe's "Diamond's are a girls best friend". Cool reconstructed strapless dress from vintage fabrics. He even apologized "Sorry that I'm listening to Marylin. I love her!"

debraRodman 49 Prince Street
Her loveley Pinafore Dress is sureley available, but when I checked out the sizes and measures of the garments I felt left out. So as I was walking out I made eye contact with Rodman and touching my tummy said "I need to diet!" and she replied with a smile "No, you are fine! Just go to another store."
Weird. Im just size 6.


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