Friday, May 27, 2005

Writing about figuring out what to write

I have written more than 50 words already but I kept deleting them. I rather write some other time but I just want to document what I have been up to.

I am done with school (for the semester). Time passed by fast. Lots of hardships and there still more to come. My 16 mm class was interesting but I was a bit disappointed at myself. I think I could have done better. I saw the outcome (my short film, Knot) and decided that maybe my thing is not directing. I actually enjoyed writing the script, doing the breakdown and the pre-production. The shoots were rushed, it was cold, my DP was hung over and I had a foot injury. Still I have to sync it to the soundtrack, send it to the negative cutter, transfer to video and get a proper sound mix. I might do some color correcting. All this, hoping to get it for free!

Now that I am free from school, my only responsibility is work. Working is gratifying because the people that work there teach me new things everyday. The sad part is that sometimes I feel underestimated. I could be trained to do something else other than vault tapes, keep up with the video library, answer phones and be "the messenger" and the worse part is that I don't even get paid minimum wage per hour. I earn $5.35 an it is the same as if I was living in Mexico only living cost are much more expensive. I asked for a raise and instead they gave me more hours. So I must say all that Fulbright Prestige and honor is not helping in this case. Therefore, I have been doing some PA (production assistant) work to get some money and pay the bills.

I don't know why I get embarrassed of not having money in such a wonderful city. I was so desperate that I started looking in Craig list. I found many different ways to make easy money, but there was one that attracted me a bit. The deal was to work as a pet sitter and housekeeper for some Park Avenue eccentrics. They offered me a very nice room in their house (the guest room) with internet, DirecTV and my own bathroom and closet apart from paying me 300 dollars a month tax free and I would also be able to keep working at DuArt...I was seriously considering, but I backed up. I remember it was mother's day and I called my mom crying. I wanted to know what she thought. She was up for it and kept on telling me to not take it as a "maid" job but as a funny job. I didn't take the job because of three reasons 1. I don't like the fact of being someone's maid or someone owning my time 2. I love where I live; I like my roommates and I like to have visitors 3.I didn't like the pooch.

About fun stuff, galleries, museums, art etc...
I went to....
See The Saints (Australian Ramones rip off)

Japan Society Gallery, spring 2005
Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture

Curated by Takashi Murakami
Through July 24, 2005

A major exhibition and series of public art installations, curated by Takashi Murakami. Organized by Japan Society in collaboration with Public Art Fund.

To Chelsea piers...beautiful sunsets